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    Cynthia, Ridley Park

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    George and Cheryl, Radnor

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    Julie Berger, Founder

Join Salsa in the Suburbs for “Sexy, Healthy, Fun!”

Our mission: Created to bring all the vibrant energy of the Philadelphia Salsa Community to its surrounding suburbs, Salsa in the Suburbs is committed to using dance as a vehicle to enhance and change lives.

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Let us be your guide to the most comprehensive Latin dance program in the suburbs as well as other specialized dance and fitness classes, events, and parties right here in your back yard!
Now you can experience all the fun of the city nightlife without ever paying another parking ticket again.
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Founder and Artistic Director, Salsa in the Suburbs

Dance Your Grief Away; How Dance Can Help with Loss


A pretty, tall blonde woman walked into tap class for the sixth class of a ten week session. She was wearing a worn pair of tap shoes, which had one very long shoelace looped around one of the soles « Continue »

When it comes to salsa dancing, Every Step Counts

donna grad edit

  Being an Accountant means everything needs to add up. And for Donna McCoy, that holds true as well. As an accountant by day- and now a Salsa in the Suburbs (SITS) dancer by night, Donna McCoy understands the importance of calculating risks and taking the right measures to get it right. Owning your own […]


People From All Walks of Life United by Salsa


Ashish and Neelohita from India and Sandy from Wisconsin discovered the joy of Latin Dancing. Your favorite celebrities have performed it on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ children chant ‘cha-cha-cha’ during birthday songs, yet the roots of the social dance style, salsa, are often misunderstood. Originating in New York during the 1970s, this quick, upbeat dance […]


Zumba Changes Lives, from Teachers to Rock Stars – Literally!


My friends and I tried Zumba at other studios, but nothing could compare to the classes at Salsa and the Suburbs. I couldn’t imagine going anyplace else! Zumba Changes Lives Since its inception in the 1990s, Zumba has forever altered the dance fitness industry. This workout implements movements and rhythms from traditional dances, like the […]


From Two Left Feet to Salsa Blackbelt: An Intimate Look at a Loyal Supporter


Wes Sturgis has been an indispensable volunteer for Salsa In The Suburbs Dance Studio and one of its most loyal supporters. Wes helped founder and artistic director Julie Berger paint the studio before its opening. He helped transport and set up sound equipment when salsa socials were held at outside venues, routinely arriving home just […]


Salsa Helps to Reclaim Personal Power after Traumatic Injuries

Salsa Dancing Rehabilitation Physical Therapy

A vehicle operated by a hit-and-run driver changed her life but salsa dancing became the vehicle by which she reclaimed her personal power. Two of Julie Berger’s students, Darren Hepke and Kristen Gilia, turned to salsa dancing after undergoing traumatic experiences that changed their perspectives about life. Salsa dancing was revitalizing on multiple levels, helping […]


Salsa Dancing & Weight Loss: 2 Success Stories

dancing wieght loss4

Dancing Off the Pounds Two women who struggled with weight loss have turned to salsa dancing to help them keep off the pounds and they have found a new zest for life along the way. Cathy Moretti and Monika Barman, who take dance lessons at Salsa In The Suburbs Dance Studio, say they feel more […]


The Women Who Lead!


Typically in salsa dancing, the man is the leader of the dance and the woman is the one who follows. However, Carey Buck wanted to try something different so that she could dance with her wife. Something funny happened in Carey Buck’s salsa performance class recently. Instructor Shauna Belizéando asked one of the dancers in […]


Yes! There are Great Guys, Waiting to Dance with You!


Scores of single people have passed through Julie Berger’s dance studio since opening the doors more than six years ago. The founder of Salsa in the Suburbs Dance Studio says she strives to create a warm, inviting atmosphere that encourages friendly interactions and creates “low-pressure opportunities” to meet and mingle with other single people. Two […]


Yes, Men Attend Zumba!


Derek Crews, Ken Ezzell, and Tony Messina are among a growing number of men who show up regularly to Zumba classes predominantly attended by women. Derek Crews, Ken Ezzell, and Tony Messina never heard of the Zumba dance fitness craze until it was already wildly popular in Philadelphia and New York City. But the trio […]


Staff Spotlight: Linda Pang, Not Just the Pretty Face Behind the Desk

linda pang 2

Julie Berger was planning a trip to France during the summer of 2009, and she needed someone who could teach her dance classes and run the studio. It wasn’t long before Linda Pang’s name came to mind. To many people, Linda is the friendly face behind the desk. She’s very busy, greeting regular students and […]