Belly Dancing Classes

Discover the Exotic, Unique art of Belly Dancing with the Gorgeous Kahina Asurah

We are currently offering THREE opportunities to come and discover how much fun Kahina’s Bellydance Classes are:

1. One-on-one/small groups: Kahina is also available for private lessons! Click HERE for pricing and contact us to get scheduled.

2. Join Kahina for her annual “Shimmylicious Booty Camp!” The date and time for this spectacular event is TBD! Click HERE for details about these special events!

3. Exotic Belly Dancing group classes will be TBD. Come into the studio to take part in the shimmy-licious fun!

belly dancing instructor

Kahina Asurah, Belly Dancing Instructor at Salsa in the Suburbs.

Kahina Asurah, native of Kiev, Ukraine, is a professional belly dance artist who regularly performs across the tri-state area at venues including: the MERCEDES BENZ GALA; the opening act for concert of REKNOWN ROCK STAR Michael Angelo Batio; The PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER Travel Show at the Philadelphia Convention Center; BALLY’S, HARRAHS and the BORGATA CASINO in Atlantic City, NJ.

Kahina has appeared on the MIND TV program in the history of Belly Dance section. Her articles are published in “MOSAIC”, London,UK and “SHIMMY”, USA. Kahina holds certificates in “Journey Through Egypt” Level 1 and 2, and “Sahra-Style Cairo Oriente”.

She expresses “that it is difficult to explain her fascination with dance in a simple, linear way. One can start by discussing the feminine, spiritual or self-expressive side of dance, and one can mention that most of the ancient civilizations used dance as a ritualistic tool for communicating with the divine; but she thinks that dance also helps us to understand our roots, the world around us, and ourselves”.

Kahina started dancing early in her childhood, while spending summers in the Black Sea region and in the Steppes, where she stayed with her grandmother. Her first memory about dancing is the vision of caravans of gypsies wearing colorful skirts, singing and dancing. Their bodies moving in hypnotic motions, bestowing spells on those around them. She reveals: “I am certain it cast a spell on me then; and now, much later in time, and on a different continent, I still feel the power of that enchanted potion”.

She hopes to bring that same feeling of hypnotism and enchantment to Belly Dancing Classes at Salsa in the Suburbs!