Shines and Spins

Bring a whole new level of style and flair to your dancing!

Shines and Spins…
for leaders and followers

Next Dates: Tuesdays @ 7:30pm, 7/9 – 8/27

Instructor: Shauna Belizeando

To do a salsa shine is to dance independently for  a portion of time during a partnered Salsa dance. The leader will let go of the follow’s hands and both people must them do a salsa solo. Many people find it difficult to improvise and create dynamic beautiful shines on the spot, which is why we are taking the guess work out of the process! Join Shauna for eight weeks and learn pre-choreographed Salsa shines! Our new and improved Salsa Shines syllabus will make it easy for you to come week after week and learn several different shines will will be stuck in your permanent memory! After completion of this course, both leaders and followers will be ready to shine with confidence at any time! Professional Salsa performer Shauna will help you with spins, hand movement and overall grace as an added benefit!

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