Ballroom Dance Classes


“I love Dancing with the Stars and finally got up the courage to take ballroom dance classes at Salsa in the Suburbs. Everyone made me feel so comfortable and it has been so much fun!” – Stacy, Media, PA


NEW!!! 10-week Beginner Swing Course!

10 Thursdays, 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. September 17th – November 19th

Prerequisite: None

Instructor: Susan Liberace Perdunn

Let’s get swingin’! For students brand new to the world of Swing, this lesson starts with the basics! A fun and social dance, the East Coast Swing is danced to Rock ‘n Roll music and students in the Beginner East Coast Swing class will start with the basic steps, posture, footwork, and form. The three basic rhythms (Single, Double, and Triple) will be taught, as well as Underarm Turns, before adding variations and additions to basic patterns.

Add more to your Swing repertoire! Turn heads on the dance floor! Enjoy building on those basics!

Only $140/person for this entire 10 week course or use a class from your dance membership package and try it out! No partner or prior dance experience necessary!

Ballroom Courses offered in 2016!


Nightclub Cha Cha:

10 Thursdays, 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. January 7th – March 10th

Prerequisite: None

Instructor: Julie Berger

Join Salsa in the Suburbs’ founder, Julie Berger for this Nightclub Cha Cha class! This is a great course for individuals who need an introduction to Latin dance or for those who wish to be more well-rounded dancers! Only $140/person for this entire 10 week course or use a class from your dance membership package and try it out!



10 Thursdays, 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. March 24th – May 26th


Foxtrot and Waltz:

10 Thursdays, 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. June 9th – Aug. 11th



Experience the thrill of Ballroom Dance now with a Private Lesson!

No time for group classes? Want to get more experience, but at your own pace? Interested in a different style? Private Lessons currently available in Rumba, Waltz, Mambo, Cha Cha, Tango, East Coast Swing, and Hustle. (Availability, duration, and instructors subject to change.)

Bill and Julie are students at Salsa in the Suburbs.

Get ready for your next Wedding or Social Event! Learn to dance with your Son or Daughter on their Wedding Day! Take lessons with your significant other to bring that spark back or get ready for your Big Day!



Previous Group Classes Offered (Private Lessons now available for all styles):


BEGINNER RUMBA A slow and romantic dance, the Rumba is often considered as the “sexiest” Ballroom dance. Beginner Rumba students will start with learning the traditional box step, and explore from there with new moves such as Rumba Breaks, Cuban Walks, and Open Breaks with Underarm Turns to name a few! Proper form, balance, frame, and technique will also be taught along with footwork. INTERMEDIATE RUMBA During the Intermediate class, students will have the chance to explore advanced box moves, as well as add variations to their Beginner repertoire.  Particular attention will be given to help nurture the students in the proper Cuban motion and bound energy technique required to transform the dance and take it to a new level!


BEGINNER WALTZ: The mother of Ballroom dances, the waltz is a regal and romantic dance that originated in southern Germany and is danced to 3/4 time music.  Learning the waltz will improve posture, timing, and balance. It is characterized by long, flowing movements along with rise and fall.  This course will teach the fundamentals and basics of the waltz.  Students will concentrate on twinkles, various turns, and back to back steps. INTERMEDIATE WALTZ The proper technique and styling of the waltz will be emphasized with students in this course, along with hesitations, change steps, and pivots.  Variations of steps from the Bronze I course will also be taught, including additional turns, which will have students gliding across the dance floor and prepared to dance at any social gathering — including weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, formal galas, and more!


BRONZE I MAMBO The original mambo began in Cuba, but rose to popularity in New York, becoming what is also known as “Salsa – On 2,” combining American Jazz music with the Afro-Cuban Beat.  It has been featured in many iconic movies such as West Side Story and Dirty Dancing. It is a fun, flirty dance to upbeat music.  In the beginner class, students will be introduced to the basic steps of the mambo with a focus on the cross body lead and shine steps. BRONZE II MAMBO In this class, students will continue to work on the basic steps, flicks, and shines, with focus on proper technique and styling, as well as musicality and timing.  Students will learn new variations of Bronze I shine steps, turns, and cross body leads, as well as more advanced steps, such as crossover swivels, back spot turns, and walk arounds.


BEGINNER CHA CHA Danced to upbeat, flirty, and infectious rhythms, the Cha Cha is the Latin rhythm integrated the most into American pop music! This class will have everyone dancing in less than five minutes, starting with the origins of the dance from the basic Mambo step! Beginner Cha Cha will also include an overview of Cha Cha stylings and proper technique for maximum pleasure and partner satisfaction on the dance floor, including proper postures, balance, frame, and footwork. Although Information will be rapidly introduced on the first day, it will also then be repeated every week so that the student has a chance to recall and solidify what was introduced earlier, with minor additions each week. Once students have that basic step in their muscle memory, it will be evolved into both the Progressive (slot) and Ballroom standard (side to side) styling. From there, students will learn Walk Around Turns, Crossover Breaks,  and Open Breaks, as well as Sweetheart Steps. INTERMEDIATE CHA CHA Building on terminology, stylings, and pattern variations from the Bronze I class, the Bronze II Cha Cha class will take that information and add more specialized hand stylings  and footwork, Cross Body Leads, plus new variations on beginner moves. Technique and styling will be emphasized so everyone will have fun and look their best on the dance floor!


BRONZE I TANGO In this innovative and mind-blowing Tango class, students will be introduced to the basic frame, proper balance, and leading/following techniques needed to make this sultry, passionate, and memorable dance come alive! Become the star of the dance floor as you learn the Tango Walk, Tango Rocks, Medio Corte and Flare Promenade. Students will also learn about musicality and how to not only hear the rhythm, but also learn the technique one needs to dance to it! BRONZE II TANGO The Bronze II Tango class will build on prior knowledge of the basics, working on variations of the basics. Students will also get the chance to start exploring the realm of more advanced moves and footwork as they also perfect moves from the Beginner course, including proper poise, styling, and floor craft. Intermediate students will also learn to add additional styling to their dancing, with kicks, flares and ganchos.


BRONZE I EAST COAST SWING A fun and social dance, the East Coast Swing is danced to Rock ‘n Roll music and students in the Beginner East Coast Swing class will start with the basic steps, posture, footwork, and form. The three basic rhythms (Single, Double, and Triple) will be taught, as well as Underarm Turns, before adding variations and additions to basic patterns. BRONZE II EAST COAST SWING Become a “Swingin’ Sensation” as you learn new moves and re-visit old ones! Bronze II West Coast Swing students will practice patterns and footwork from the Beginner course, but with a focus on technique: transforming “hoppy” swingers into “hippy” swingers! Intermediate students will also have the opportunity to work on their musicality and add more advanced footwork and patterns to their current repertoire


BRONZE I HUSTLE More than just a line dance from the 70s, the Hustle is a name for partner dancing in the disco style. It has many features in common with Swing, as well as roots in Samba, Cha Cha, Foxtrot, and Tango. Beginners will learn proper posture, frame, balance, and footwork before moving on to the Hustle Basic, Underarm Turn Left, Throwout, and Overhead Wrap, to name a few! BRONZE II HUSTLE Adding additional variations to Beginner moves, students in the Bronze II Hustle class will also add advance styling and techniques to their dancing, to really be able to show off on the dance floor!   IMG_20120916_203056