Break your routine and add sexy, healthy, fun to your weekend at one of our upcoming special events. Happiness Guaranteed.


December 2023

8th, Friday: Dance Party

15th, Friday: Beginner 2 Salsa Bootcamp

16th, Saturday: Beginner Bachata Bootcamp

16th, Saturday: Dance Party

17th, Sunday: Beginner 1 Salsa Bootcamp

17th, Sunday: Intro. to Intermediate Salsa Bootcamp

January 2024

12th, Friday: Dance Party

20th, Saturday: Ladies Styling Workshop

27th, Saturday: One Day Tap Performance Workshop

27th, Saturday: Dance Party

February 2024

9th, Friday: Dance Party

10th, Saturday: Valentine’s Latin Dance Variety Workshop

17th, Saturday: Dance Party

March 2024

1st, Friday: Beginner 2 Salsa Bootcamp 

2nd, Saturday: Beginner Bachata Bootcamp

2nd, Saturday: Intro. to Intermediate Salsa Bootcamp 

3rd, Sunday: Beginner 1 Salsa Bootcamp

*We limit the size of our classes because we have a limited amount of space, and because we want to create the best experience for our students. If you have signed up for one of our Workshops or Specialty Classes and you cannot attend for any reason, you will be granted a studio credit as long as you notify us at least 48 hours before the start of the class.