Salsa Classes: The Best Salsa Classes

Salsa Classes

We have a one-of-a-kind Salsa Curriculum created by our founder, Julie, and her team of teachers. This curriculum was carefully crafted and revised over ten years. Thousands of students have benefited from this approach, which takes an artistic and potentially abstract looking art form and makes it concrete for learning purposes. Many members of the Latin dance community in Philadelphia, Delaware and the surrounding areas have trained with this method, and the result is head-turning, awesome dancers!


Pre-requisite: None
Duration: 8 weeks
Instructor: Julie Berger Cummings

For students brand new to the world of Salsa, these salsa classes start with the basics! Students learn the basic steps and techniques for Salsa, as well as “shine” moves and styling.

Take a look at a Beginner I class in action. We don’t always count out loud, but it’s a good way to learn 🙂

These salsa classes are designed to give students a strong foundation, including the fundamentals of leading and following, and a simple pattern, including a Right-hand Turn Pattern, Cross Body Lead, and an Inside Turn! Classes start with a warm-up, reviewing moves from the previous week as well as adding new steps to your repertoire, followed by partner work and review.

Students will rotate and experience dancing with everyone. During week 8, students will review the pattern, plus learn dance etiquette and apply their new moves and knowledge in a club ambiance during a nightclub simulation! Fun and fitness friendly- come fall in love with Salsa! Students with “two left feet” are more than welcome!

“I just loved the fact that the instructor would encourage us to record our teachers demonstrating the moves at the end of each class. Having a video to refer to on our phone helped my husband and me know what to practice, and it gave us a fun thing to do after we put our kids to bed.” -Jennifer, West Chester, PA



Pre-requisite: Beginner I Salsa
Duration: 8 weeks
Instructor: Julie Berger Cummings or Marie Evans


Salsa Classes

Join the sexy, healthy, fun at Salsa in the Suburbs Salsa Classes. Learn to spin like this! Call Julie (610) 800-8182.

For students eager to keep building the skills they developed in Beginner I Salsa, this is the salsa class for you! This class moves at the same steady, and thorough pace of Beginner I, allowing you plenty of time to keep mastering, and building upon those basics, yet adding a variety of new moves and faster-paced songs.

Students will learn more fancy footwork for shines, explore several variations on right-hand turns and learn essential moves such as “enchufla” and “Make Her Walk,” and learn what it means to “pick up the girl” and take her “around the world” plus much more!

Beginner II Salsa classes are designed for students who want to gain confidence for those Salsa clubs and bridge the gap between Beginner I Salsa and Intro to Intermediate Salsa. Also, you will master two brand-new patterns, and essentially more than double the skills you’ve learned in Beginner I Salsa!






Pre-requisite: Beginner I Salsa and Beginner II Salsa 

Duration: 8 Weeks
Instructor: Marie Evans or Julie Berger Cummings

For students who have laid their salsa foundation by having completed Beginner I and Beginner II Salsa, this course is the one to take to get your dancing to the next level! You will be introduced to all the Intro to Intermediate warm-up moves, which you will see and practice in the next level, Intermediate Salsa. These warm-up moves will provide you with tons of great options for creating dynamic, beautiful shines!

You will also learn a pattern which seamlessly builds on the moves you’ve learned in Beginner I and II Salsa classes and also introduces you to some of the important concepts of the Intermediate syllabus. This pattern is more complex and intricate than the Beginner I and II patterns, and will be similar in complexity to the Intermediate patterns, but will be taught at a slower, thorough pace than Beginner II.

This course is very helpful with bridging the gap between the Beginner and Intermediate classes, and we highly recommend it!




Pre-requisite: Beginner I Salsa, Beginner II Salsa, and Intro. to Intermediate Salsa

Duration: Six month curriculum, but students enroll in two months at a time
Instructor: Marie Evans, Victor Cummings or Julie Berger Cummings

For students who have attended Salsa Classes for at least 6 months, add more moves to your arsenal! This course follows a six month syllabus and every four weeks focuses on a particular theme, such as “Inside Turns” or “Copas.”

You will learn a new pattern a week for the first three weeks of a particular theme and review all three patterns on the fourth week. You’ll learn more intricate foot-work and exciting moves such as the “doorknob” and “Philly Favorite”, plus moves like a “Fishtail” and “Apache Whip!” If you attend Intermediate more than once per week, you will advance through the six month curriculum more comfortably, since each Intermediate class during the week covers the same material and the additional repetition greatly helps memorization and flow of the moves/patterns.

Take your Salsa education to the next level!




Pre-requisite: Intermediate Salsa 

Duration: Eight weeks
Instructor: Julie Berger Cummings or Victor Cummings

This course is perfect for students who have either officially graduated Intermediate Salsa, or who have taken Intermediate Salsa enough times to feel ready to move up to more technical moves. This course gradually introduces the 15 new warm-up moves which are done in advanced salsa each week.

Two gorgeous and elaborate salsa patterns are taught over the 8 weeks. These two patterns explore many of the techniques needs for advanced salsa. They will challenge your current techniques and heighten your abilities to take the dance floor with even more confidence and style than before! 

This course is ideal for bridging the gap between Intermediate and Advanced Salsa, and we highly recommend it!


Pre-requisite: Intermediate Salsa
Duration: Six month curriculum, but students enrolltwo months at a time
Instructor: Julie Berger Cummings or Victor Cummings

For students who have studied Salsa at least a year, add more polish to your technique and patterns! Focus on more intricate foot-work and styling, 360‘s, multiple spins, and pattern combinations that will make heads turn to you when you step foot onto the dance floor! When you master the moves in Advanced Salsa classes, you will be viewed as an excellent dancer by your friends and family.





Pre-requisite: Beginner 1 Salsa
Duration: 8 weeks
Instructor: Julie Berger Cummings

In this class, you will learn even more moves to help you get into different positions and handholds and out of those positions, allowing you to create your own patterns and moves on the spot, rather than recalling patterns. You will gain a deep understanding of how to link different steps together.  Ladies, you will perfect your skills as a follower because you practice dancing without a preset pattern.



Pre-requisite: Beginner 1 Salsa
Duration: 8 weeks
Instructor: Julie Berger Cummings

Are you sometimes unsure of what to do with your arms or hands while dancing? Do you get nervous social dancing when it comes to doing a shine? Do you see ladies on the dance floor who have an extra special flair & you want to discover how you too can turn heads & make your dancing extra feminine, exotic & even more beautiful? You will be introduced to moves & isolations of your hands, arms, hips & feet which will take your dancing to the next level. This class will help you be more comfortable & confident on & off the dance floor! Make YOUR dancing unique!




Pre-requisite: Beginner 1 Salsa
Duration: 8 weeks
Instructor: Victor Cummings

Can you use additional help finding the beat of the music?  Would you benefit from extra help with your turns or spinning technique? Or, if the thought of disconnecting hands from your partner in order to shine terrifies you, this class if for you! You will learn to follow the music and take your dancing the next level with clean turns and amazing shines!