Bachata Classes: How to Dance Bachata – the Sexiest Latin Dance

Bachata Classes

“Bachata classes are essential for every Salsa student! I wish I had started learning Bachata sooner! I focused on just Salsa for several months, but then when I went out dancing, every time the DJ played a Bachata song, I had to sit down (or hide). Now that I took Bachata classes, I am out on the dance floor all night, and the ladies love getting close to me.” -Malcolm,  Philadelphia


Wednesdays at 7:30p.m. and Sundays, 5:15 – 6:15 p.m.
Pre-requisite: None
Duration: Ongoing, 8 week course which re-starts every ninth week
Instructor: Shauna
Belizéando, Julie Berger, or Craig Jackson

Bachata classes are essential to becoming a well-rounded Latin dancer! All Salsa students are encouraged to attend at least this Beginner Bachata course, so you’ll be able to take any Salsa dance floor by storm! Come learn how to shake and move those hips in our Beginner Bachata class! If you’re also learning to Salsa, you will be surprised what moves can also be used to dance Bachata!

Fast, easy, and fun to learn, it is a great dance to get your feet “wet” in the exciting world of Latin dancing! In this easy to follow eight week course, you will learn all the basics of Bachata, the most romantic of the four Latin nightclub dances.  Students start with a warm-up that teaches the basic steps and simple turns. Learn to get close with your dance partner in this dance style that originated in the Dominican Republic – no partner is necessary, as everyone rotates in class! While learning the basic step for this dance is easy, this dance is definitely all about hips and attitude! Get comfortable with the basics, and then join us in Intermediate Bachata classes on Sundays and Wednesdays at 6:30p.m. to learn more advanced turns and patterns!
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Wednesdays at 6:30 pm and Sundays at 6:30 pm.
Pre-requisite: The Beginner Bachata Course
Duration: Six month curriculum which is ongoing and cyclical, so you can jump in at any time!
Instructor: Julie Berger

The Wednesday and Sunday Intermediate Bachata classes transform students into impressive Bachata dancers. The six month curriculum is made up of 18 intermediate patterns. Each pattern is introduced on Wednesday and then repeated that Sunday. Every four week is a monthly review. We recommend coming to both classes each week, but if you can only come once per week, it may take going through the six month curriculum multiple times to feel confident with all the patterns. Students start with a warm-up that teaches spins, footwork, and hip movement. More intricate steps, different hand positions, and specific turn patterns are the focus in partner-work, where students rotate to dance with each other. Emphasis is placed on hip-movement and smooth body movements and transitions, which characterize this dance as the most romantic of the various Latin styles.

This bachata dance class is essential for becoming a well rounded Latin dancer, and to get you ready to step onto any Salsa floor with ease, knowing you’re ready to get close and sexy when the beautiful Bachata music comes on. Classes are ongoing and enrollment can occur at any time!


Pre-requisite: Click here to read Performance Class details
Duration: 12 classes, two hours each
Instructor: Julie Berger

Now is your time to shine! Come take center stage in this 2-hour partnered performance bachata class! Students in this bachata dance class learn specific choreography with their partners and as a class, matched to a specific song chosen by the instructor. Each week builds on the previous week, resulting in a choreographed dance routine that is performed at one of the Salsa dance parties! Steps, patterns, and techniques range from Beginner to Advanced. Costume and shoe requirements are given on the first day of class. Come experience the thrill and excitement of performing in-front of your fellow friends, family, and salseros!

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