Virtual Classes

Now you can learn to dance from the comfort of your own home!

Julie Berger, Founder of Salsa in the Suburbs Dance Studio, spent over a decade building a comprehensive DANCE curriculum like no other. Now, for the first time ever, each lesson is documented and available in an online format for you to enjoy at your leisure!

“You’ve always had such a wonderful blend of innovation and structure delivered with the humor and playfulness to almost make it hard to notice the brilliance of the educational technique… I’ve studied education for over two decades, and I really cannot imagine a more well structured curriculum with a system of delivery that is so flexible for our various learning styles and goals.” – Bryan C.

Join our Members’ Access Private Facebook group, and receive instant access to:

-Our entire curriculum, broken down by week, via short 1-3 minute video tutorials, including…

-Beginner thru Advanced Salsa Warm-ups/Footwork (solo-moves including Spins!)

-Beginner thru Intermediate Bachata Warm-ups/Footwork (solo-moves including Spins!)

-Beginner Salsa and Beginner Bachata Partner Work: broken down and explained!

-Sensual Bachata Partner Work: demonstrated and explained.

-Intermediate and Advanced Salsa Partner work – explained!


-Beginner and intermediate Tap tutorials

-Beginner ballet tutorials

-Tap warm-ups as done in class (including Time-Steps, Buffalos, Kicks and more) – this a great workout! 🙂

** No, you don’t have to have tap shoes to enjoy these exercises; you can do them as “soft shoe” in any street shoes. If you’d like advice about which floor to tap on with actual shoes, just inquire for guidance!

Other benefits of this awesome group include:

-Join a huge network of supportive dance enthusiasts!

-Review the videos at your leisure!

-You can record and submit videos of yourself dancing if you’d like feedback (you can send them to Julie privately or post them to the group – it’s up to you!)

-Get individualized feedback and accountability from Julie herself, founder of Salsa in the Suburbs Dance Studio!

“I absolutely love the Salsa in the Suburbs Members Only page!!! It has helped get me through this long drought of no group dance classes. It’s very well organized and user-friendly. I was able to review previous classes and stay sharp and move forward, especially with my warm-up moves. I actually feel like I learned the warm-up moves even better with the videos because I can watch, practice, re-watch, practice, etc. for every move. Now that I’m doing some private lessons again, it has really helped me to make the most of that precious time. I can have Julie introduce and explain moves, practice at home with the videos, and polish at my next lesson. Overall, I feel like it’s a great addition to classes even when they start again since it makes it so much easier to have focused, productive practice in my own house where I feel more brave to really make a lot of mistakes and keep improving. I’ve tried things that I don’t think I would have done if I were just doing classes. Highly recommended!!” – Rachel Bowers

It’s $59/month to access our entire dance curriculum. You can cancel at any time; please just email your cancellation and give one week’s notice to:

Click —>HERE <— to sign up and then send Julie Berger or Salsa in the Suburbs Dance Studio a message on Facebook, so that we can invite you to the group!

Here are some sample videos:

This is an excerpt from one of the Sensual Bachata patterns explained! To unlock the whole pattern, and the explanation of the moves, sign up for our Members’ Only Private Facebook Group HERE!
This is the Beginner 1, week 1 Salsa pattern-work! To access, the other eight weeks as well as solo moves (footwork), sign up for our Members’ Only Private Facebook group HERE!
This is a beginner Tap warm-up! This moves are explained and broken down via the private Members Only Facebook group!
This is the first video in a series of Tap tutorials! To unlock all the other videos, and to interact with other dancers and Julie herself, please sign up for our Members’ Only Private Facebook page —> HERE <—-