Private Latin Dance Lessons

“As a father of three, getting to group classes regularly wasn’t always easy. My private lessons really helped me stay on track around my hectic schedule!” – Sam Ingersoll, Wallingford


Not sure which level Salsa class is the best fit for you? Too busy to come to group classes three times per week? Interested in expanding your Latin dance knowledge and trying another Latin dance you’ve never done before?  By scheduling private lessons, the instructor can take you through the curriculum at your own pace or if you know you’re going to miss a group class, we can give you individualized attention and get you caught up to your classmates!

Our expert and friendly Latin Dance teachers, Julie and Shauna, can review a specific move or pattern with you, or expand and teach you more moves than those that are included in the Latin curriculum, including Salsa Merengue, Bachata or Cha Cha as well as Ladies’ Styling. We recommend taking at least one private lesson per month in addition to group classes and social dancing, to have the most effective path to success!.