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“There are many mediocre Zumba classes, but when I finally took class at Salsa in the Suburbs, I stopped going anywhere else. The Zumba instructors are truly amazing. They’re easy to follow, and their classes epitomize what Zumba is meant to be: a party! I’ve lost over 20 pounds since starting Zumba classes. Thank you Salsa in the Suburbs.” -Andrea Morrison, Media



Pre-requisite: None
Duration: Ongoing
Instructor: Carrie Krause or Nicole Lanciano
“Ditch the Workout, Join the Party!”


Zumba instructors Nicole, Beth, and Carrie 🙂

New to the exciting world of Latin dance? Look no farther than Zumba classes to give you a great introduction to moving and shaking that body! Come experience the latest international fitness craze! Zumba classes incorporate a variety of basic Latin dance steps and patterns (Salsa, Merengue, Samba, and more!) with high-energy music for a fast-paced cardio dance routine!

It is not a partnered class, so come by yourself OR bring your best friends and get ready to sweat! This is the best and easiest way to learn how to dance and you will leave feeling energized and ready to kick-off your weekend! Forget the monotony of the gym, ditch the WORKOUT and join the PARTY! (All Zumba classes are ongoing and enrollment can begin at any time.)


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Click HERE to hear an interview with Nicole Lanciano, one of our Zumba teachers!

Ditch the workout and join the PARTY!

Ditch the workout and join the PARTY!


Sign Up for Zumba ClassesReview Zumba Classes Start Dates & Schedule

A little taste of Zumba with Beth at Salsa in the Suburbs! While gym clothes/active wear is the normal attire, students got into the spirit of the holidays and dressed up for a fun, energetic class on Halloween! (October 2013)

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