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Salsa dancing gives your students a reason to fall in love with the culture of the Spanish-speaking world.


Many Spanish teachers find it challenging to create hands-on lesson plans that truly excite students about learning the language and cultures of various Spanish speaking countries.

Our staff is available and eager to come into your classroom to introduce your students to one of the most fun, engaging cultural aspects of every Spanish speaking country: Salsa dancing! Partnered dancing is collaborative, requires participation, and also creates opportunities for students to engage one another in a new, fresh way, and work as a team.


We can come to your school for one class, for an entire day, or on a daily or weekly basis. Our lesson would consist of a 10 minute warm-up, which would introduce the students to basic footwork, and then a 30 minute partnered section of the class, during which time the students would be divided into two groups. One half of the students would be the leaders, and the other half would be the followers. Then, all the followers would rotate and dance with all of the leaders. It doesn’t matter the number of boys or girls. We simply divide the class in half.

The last few minutes of the class is geared to basic leading and following techniques, as well as a mini dance-etiquette lesson. Teachers and students both dance to their next class and rave about how much they enjoy this collaborative, healthy way to learn about culture!

Contact Julie at (610) 800-8182 to customize a program for your classes or try a class to see how much fun your students will have!


Here are some of the schools we have had the joy of working with in the past:

germantownacademy paduaacademy