Adult Tap and Adult Ballet Dancing Classes – How to Tap Dance


Tap Dancing is an original, all-American, art form that combines music and dance traditions from all over the globe! This tap dancing class is recommended for those who have some tap experience, but beginners are welcome to join in the fun!

Tap Dancing classes will focus on technique and musicality and are supplemented by a wide variety of musical genres. Students will be exposed to Broadway style tap dancing and hoofing! Broadway tap dancing focuses on rhythm, syncopation, and style. Broadway tap utilizes jazz movements and emphasizes the use of upper body and arms. Hoofing focuses on rhythms and intricate footwork, creating a percussion instrument out of the dancer’s feet.

Just like jazz vocalists who add rhythms to music by scatting, these tappers add their voice by “scatting” with their feet. Hoofing tap tends to be a heavier or harder-hitting form of tap than Broadway tap, and sounds are made not only with the bottom of the shoe, but also with the back, sides, and tip. Each tap dancing class includes a warm up, steps across the floor, and a final combination!

Tuesdays, 6:30 – 7:30p.m. (ongoing)
Pre-requisite: None
Duration: ongoing, but new choreography is worked on for 10 weeks at a time
Instructor: Julie Berger

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Next Dates: 8 Tuesdays @ 7:30pm – 8:30p.m.  – 3/3 – 4/21/20
Pre-requisite: None
Instructor: Alisyn Berenato

These classes are designed for adults who wish to begin the study of classical ballet. This is an excellent class for the seasoned dancer who would like to refine their technical ability. Classes will consist of barre exercises that focus on proper alignment as well as the steps which foster core and leg strength and flexibility. The center work will introduce elementary steps, simple jumps, as well as turns. No prior experience is necessary. Women and men are welcome to join!

To Register for Bachata Classes Click HereCheck out Bachata Classes Schedule & Start Date