Corporate Team Building Activities & Events

Our staff would love to provide a team building opportunity for your employees to relieve stress during the workday and help leverage their strengths!


Looking for a fun and healthy way to strengthen your team? We can come on site, or you can bring your group to our studio. We can teach any style of dance to your group, but the partnered dancing is what really seems to unify individuals and create a cohesive, peaceful work environment.

Partners are not required, as our group classes facilitate rotating so people adapt and relate to many different people.

We can provide a one-time activity or come for a series of lessons.

Call Julie at (610) 800-8182 for full details or see what we do in action by attending one of our group dance classes.




Make work FUN for your teams!!! Salsa or Zumba lesson/demos are great ice-breakers and a fun way to get everyone moving!

Here are a few of the companies that have hired us for team-building or corporate events (including Latin Heritage Month!):