“Dance classes at Salsa in the Suburbs are the epitome of sexy, healthy, fun!”

Dance Program Overview

Dance Classes

Friendship, health, and happiness are what you will find at Salsa in the Suburbs’ Dance Classes.

 Group Dance Classes at Salsa in the Suburbs   include classes   in Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cha   Cha, Swing, Hip Hop, adult tap and Zumba.

Here are some reasons why we believe our studio is top-notch and a cut above others:

  1. You never need to bring a dance partner. We pride ourselves on keeping in close contact with our students to know when everyone is coming, and we also go to great effort to make sure each classes’ ratio of leaders to followers is balanced by calling in advanced students helpers or shifting students from one day to another if need be.
  2. We have an extensive dance curriculum, carefully crafted by our founder, Julie, over a decade, to make sure that each lesson builds on prior skills in previous lessons.
  3. All of our full-time teachers have master’s degrees, two of whom have masters degrees in education! We are educators first, and dancers second which means you will have nurturing, caring and patient teachers at all times.
  4. You can zoom into a class if you’re away or sick or ask for an entire class to be recorded for you and emailed to you if you miss a week.

ZUMBA Classes for Adults

ZUMBA classes are now available 3 times per week