Salsa and Bachata Teacher Certification Program

Salsa Teacher Training Course:

Have you caught a serious case of the Salsa bug, and are dying to share this passion with others? Have you been curious to learn how to lead or follow, but only currently know one part? Are you eager to explore what it means to be a Bachata teacher? Have you always wanted a job that is so much fun, it doesn’t even feel like work? If you answered yes, then this eight week course is for you!

Join Julie Berger, founder and artistic director, for eight weeks (Thursdays, 6:30 – 7:30p.m. from 1/9/20 – 2/27/20) while she shares her secrets and the discoveries she’s made over the last decade of teaching! And, she’ll share how her master’s degree in education actually helps her to have a Bachata “classroom” like no other, with happy students pouring in! After this course, you too, may be eligible to join the Salsa in the Suburbs’ team or venture out and become a Bachata teacher elsewhere!

Here are some of the highlights of what you will learn in this COMPREHENSIVE 8 week course:

-Lesson plans and videos provided.

-Beginner Bachata TAUGHT In detail – the lead and follow!

-How to lead a seamless, “perfect” warm-up

-How to describe movements so that your students cannot fail

-How to manage a class, including time management!

This course is recommended for people who:

-Have a passion to help others

-Have a desire to deepen your understanding of Bachata

-Also, if you have a dance background, are a quick learner and have good musicality, you will go far! If not, we will get you there!

FREE unlimited Beginner Bachata group classes.

Students MUST have successfully completed at least Beginner Bachata to participate, or have extensive dance background. Space is limited for this exclusive course, and filling up fast! Click HERE to hold you spot:

Investment: $200 ($50 off for those who already took a salsa training class at SITS)