Fall in love with dancing! Meet new friends! Get fit! We make it easy, one step at a time! Salsa in the Suburbs is a Happiness Studio – created out of sexy, healthy, fun – but don’t just take our word for it! – Julie Berger, Founder & Artistic Director. P.S. Love us? Tell us! Email me your testimonial so I can post it: Julie@salsainthesuburbs.com


“Wonderful, welcoming, warm, supportive, encouraging, inclusive – Salsa in the Suburbs is all of these things and more. These words describe not only Julie (founder and instructor), but also each member of her staff as well as the atmosphere inside of each class and the studio as a whole.

When you take a class here you will learn a tremendous amount – while having tons of fun and meeting new people. I’ve been to other dance studios and nothing compares to Salsa in the Suburbs!” ~Melissa K. (1/2013)


“When I first came to Salsa in the Suburbs, I was hopeful, but very apprehensive about the process of learning to dance. Over the past several months, your kindness, patience, encouragement, and expert instruction turned my apprehension into self-confidence and allowed me to experience the joy of dancing. … From the bottom of my heart, thank you.” ~Aaron S. (11/2011)



“(Classes) brought me back to life. Dancing is always such a positive experience and I love how you manage to make an environment that’s safe for all races, ages, and experience levels!” ~Kathryn R. (9/2012)


“I think you have organized an elegant system of dancing instructionals. Linda is charming, charismatic, and knowledgeable!”~Jason C. 12/2012



“Thanks to Salsa in the Suburbs, I am checking off an item on my life’s bucket list: learn how to salsa! Located conveniently near the heart of the beautiful Media, PA, there are so many things to love about this dance studio.  Some things that truly stand out:

*Friendly staff — their enthusiasm for social dance is contagious!

* Men men men! — the owner, Julie, has things arranged so that some of the advanced male dancers in the studio come to the beginner classes just in case — I have never been to a class here yet when there have not been enough male partners for the ladies.  This is an AMAZING thing!

*Pricing — the cost of courses here is very affordable and you get a lot of bang for your buck.  Also, they are very accommodating with providing make-up class opportunities if you cannot make all of your classes.

*Monthly BYOB In-house dance parties — to practice your new skills and enjoy a night out in an inviting atmosphere!

Don’t put off learning how to move with some swagger out on the dance floor any longer. Check out Salsa in the Suburbs, and you’ll be glad you did!” ~Jayne S. (6/2012)


“(I want to) express my deepest gratitude and appreciation of today’s class…Both group and private class.

You ladies are both talented in teaching, motivating, and encouraging, (as well as) patient in training.

Lin…I thank you for hanging in there with me today when my mind went into a complete blank of comprehension and/or recall of steps.  You offered me the space-of-time to work it out, while maintaining your composure…(with a smile).  Which, to me, was an act of mature patience and encouragement.  I’ve experienced you both as private salsa teachers.  You both are different, yet extraordinary, in your techniques in teaching… Which make me think and feel I’m getting double the value of learning how to salsa!

I’m so very blessed to have you both as my teachers and mentor with salsa.  And so far, Salsa in The Suburbs has been the perfect studio match for both (of us).  And, I’m also glad I took the leap of faith with not only signing up and coming aboard, but also tempering my initial wanting to do certain steps that I saw on YouTube…(smile) and instead, following your planned curriculum and seeing the positive results of both your teachings.

I wish only the very best for you ladies… and of course Salsa in The Suburbs. Wishing you continued Success & Much Love.” ~Mike C. (8/2011)



“If you want to learn salsa, bachata, tango, belly dance, or work out in a Zumba class, I can’t think of a better place to learn. I signed up for an 8 week beginners salsa course here and I can’t rave enough about this place so I’ll do my best to organize my thoughts below.

-OWNER: The place is privately owned by Julie, who is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet! She does this because she loves the dance and no matter your age, gender or dance experience, you WILL become a great dancer!

-VARIETY: There are various classes of different levels offered throughout the week. There are specials that are constantly running and if you miss a class during your course, you can make it up by taking any of the other classes within that time frame.

-ZUMBA: I missed a couple of my beginner salsa classes so I made it up by taking Zumba (which is led by a different instructor) and if you’ve never done it, you NEED to. Its a great workout, a ton of fun and anyone can do it; the diversity is surprising!

-PARTIES: They offer all types of parties during the months including salsa parties and Girls Night Out. I haven’t been to one yet but I am planning to asap!

-SALSA: Compared to other places, you will learn a lot more steps and techniques in this 8 week course, including dancing etiquette! The people who join are incredibly friendly and fun to dance with.

If you always wanted to take a dance class, this is the best place for you to go. It’s affordable, you’ll learn a lot and the people are great. I recruited two people from the city to join the class and they willingly make the trip to Media so you have no excuse!” ~Sue K. (1/2011)


“It’s been a pleasure to take lessons at your studio and I view learning how to salsa dance as one of the best things I’ve done in the past 5 years.  I plan on continuing to take salsa lessons from your studio for the foreseeable future.

Also, I must say that the Int B patterns over the past month have been great.  I can’t wait to try them at your parties & the clubs!” ~Brian T. (1/2012)


“I want to thank you for taking the time to teach me. When I first got here, I “thought” I knew how to dance, but you kindly took me under your wing and gently guided me to a place I though I would never get to. Julie, you are awesome and incredibly knowledgable. Thanks a million. ~ Nitza R. (7/1/12)


“Some friends and I put on our dancing shoes, packed a bag of Jack Daniels mixers and headed out for our one hour Salsa lesson and then the 5th Anniversary dance party. My boyfriend and I don’t dance and certainly nothing as complicated as this.  The only time Salsa has ever come up is when we are eating tortilla chips!!!!

By the end of the night we were beaming with smiles at the fact that we were dancing…. and that we were dancing okay for such horrible two left feeters.

It was an absolute hoot of a great time. Julie, the owner, and her staff, are absolutely wonderful.  They makes learning so easy and super fun. Highly recommended.  Very inexpensive date!  Can’t wait to do it again.” ~Lynda R. (7/2012)


“(What I liked best about my classes were) the ‘variations’ that Linda showed to compliment the moves. I liked the ‘doble’ . . . Wonderful teachers who work at just the right pace.” ~Carlos C. (9/2012)

“(The instructors are) talented, effervescent, professional & motivating!” ~Jason C. (9/2012)

“Convenient location, reasonable prices, dance parties and plenty of women who are looking to dance with a lucky guy!” ~Alex S. (2/2012)

“Thank you again for attending our special luncheon. Everyone at the luncheon is talking about the entertainment. We really appreciate the offer of taking a lesson. I will be sure to forward this to everyone involved with the Luncheon.” ~Amanda E., Bayada Nurses (7/2011)

“Thank you again for your generous gift certificate for Our Lady of Perpetual Help Home & School Association. The Wine and Cheese Bingo was very well attended (lots of snow bound people happy to get out), though my sister, Marybeth, is still calculating net proceeds. Last year it raised $10,000 and this year she was hoping to top that but she’ll be happy to make the same in this challenging economy. We really appreciate it. I hope it introduces some new faces to your studio and services!” ~Michelle T., Our Lady of Perpetual Help Home & School Association (2/2010)


Great first start to Zumba with very lively and friendly instructor. (1/2014)

The instructors are great. They help break it down so the uncoordinated can learn easily. They also make sure they have proper coverage for those not able to come w a partner. its a fun and friendly place. (10/2013)

Linda was great – fun, engaging and pleasant to work with. (8/2013)

Just tried the zumba class with Beth. I had so much fun. It was like going to a club and dancing for an hour. Looking forward to the next class. (7/2013)

High energy Zumba with Beth. Will definitely be back and recommend this to others! (7/2013)

Hadn’t heard about Salsa in the Suburbs despite it being only a few minutes from my house. Glad to know you’re there with 9 Zumba per week! (5/2013)

“Great choice, best decision I made:)” (1/2013)

“First time last nite! Great experience!–everyone very friendly & helpful. Glad we went & will continue!” Nina & Joe (11/2012)

“They were very welcoming and I’ll be back again to try something new!” – Deena Mezzasaima (11/2012)

“I have gone twice now for Zumba class and I love the instructor, the atmosphere and the people! I intend to bring others with me! (10/2012)

“I LOVED the Zumba class last night and can’t wait to check out the Salsa and Swing classes for me as well and also the Zumba kid class for my daughter!” – Laura Riordan (10/2012)

“I had so much fun in the Beginner Swing class that I stayed for the Intermediate!!! Love the place and the people! Can’t wait to go back!!!!!” (10/2012)

“What a terrific experience! The atmosphere was so relaxed and I can’t wait to go back for the next class.” – Julie Powers (7/2012)

“Great teacher! Favorite Zumba teacher yet. Appealed to me specifically because the teacher comes from a dance background. She was friendly and very knowledgeable about this fitness style. Dances were varied. Great class!” – Carissa Katz (6/2012)

“This class is good for all ages and abilities. The instructor is very energetic and makes everyone feel comfortable.” (2/2012)

“The staff is super friendly and helpful as well are the other clients who attend the classes. The classes are fun and energizing plus there is always a great event going on!” (11/2011)

“Great Zumba class – easy to join in, low-key, fun environment, great teacher, convenient location.” (11/2011)

“Wonderful in every way: instruction, location, parking. Most of all: all staff really care that you are learning and enjoying the experience. And as a result of the caring from the top, students are supportive of each other.” (10/2011)