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Salsa Classes

“I tried to learn Salsa classes at other schools, but I just couldn’t remember the moves. I need a lot of repetition to make my dancing smooth, and the fact that each Beginner lesson was taught during three salsa classes per week at Salsa in the Suburbs, was exactly what I needed to get started!” – Wes, Boothwyn, PA


Pre-requisite: None
Duration: 8 classes (offered three times/week!)
Instructor(s): Julie Berger

For students brand new to the world of Salsa, these salsa classes starts with the basics! Students learn the basic steps and techniques for Salsa, as well as “shine” moves and styling.

Take a look at a Beginner I class in action. We don’t always count outloud but it’s a good way to learn 🙂

These salsa classes are designed to give students a strong foundation, including the fundamentals of leading and following, and a simple pattern, including a Right-hand Turn Pattern, Cross Body Lead, and an Inside Turn! Classes start with a warm-up, reviewing moves from the previous week as well as adding new steps to your repertoire, followed by partner work and review.

Students will rotate and experience dancing with everyone. During week 8, students will review the pattern, plus learn dance etiquette and apply their new moves and knowledge in a club ambiance during a nightclub simulation! Fun and fitness friendly- come fall in love with Salsa! Students with “two left feet” are more than welcome!


Please note: If possible, it is both highly recommended and beneficial to attend salsa classes 3x/week (or 2x/week and 1-hour of practice). Not only will material be reviewed and become easier to understand and execute, but the repetition also adds to muscle memory which will help with smoother transitions between patterns and steps, as well as confidence.

“I just loved the fact that the instructor would encourage us to videotape the moves at the end of class. Having a videotape helped my husband and me know what to practice, and it gave us a fun thing to do after we put the kids to bed.” -Jennifer, West Chester, PA


Pre-requisite: Beginner I Salsa
Duration: 8 classes (offered three times/week!)
Instructor(s): Shauna Belizéando or Robert Ranalli

Salsa Classes

Join the sexy, healthy, fun at Salsa in the Suburbs Salsa Classes. Learn to spin like this! Call Julie (610) 800-8182.

For students eager to keep building the skills they developed in Beginner I Salsa, this is the salsa class for you! This class moves at the same steady, and thorough pace of Beginner I, allowing you plenty of time to keep mastering, and building upon those basics, yet adding a variety of new moves and faster-paced songs.

Students will learn more fancy footwork for shines, explore several variations on right hands turns and learn essential moves such as “enchufla” and “Make Her Walk,” and learn what it means to “pick up the girl” and take her “around the world” plus much more!

Beginner II salsa classes are designed for students who want to gain confidence for those Salsa clubs and bridge the gap between Beginner I Salsa and Intermediate A Salsa. Also, you will master two brand-new patterns, and essentially more than double the skills you’ve learned in Beginner I Salsa!

Please note: If possible, it is both highly recommended and beneficial to attend class 3x/week (or 2x/week and 1-hour of practice). Not only will material be reviewed and become easier to understand and execute, but the repetition also adds to muscle memory which will help with smoother transitions between patterns and steps, as well as confidence.


Pre-requisite: Beginner I Salsa and Beginner II Salsa (or can be taken simultaneously with Beginner II Salsa)
Duration: Eight Weeks
Instructors: Julie, Shauna, Keila, Rob, and Wes

For students who have laid their salsa foundation by having completed Beginner I and Beginner II Salsa, this course is the one to take to get your dancing to the next level! You will be introduced to all the Intermediate A warm-up moves, which you will see and practice in the next level – Intermediate A. These warm-up moves will provide you with tons of great options for creating dynamic, beautiful shines!

You will also learn a pattern which seamlessly builds on the moves you’ve learned in Beginner I and II Salsa classes and also introduces you to some of the important concepts of the Intermediate A syllabus. This pattern is more complex and intricate than the Beginner I and II patterns, and will be similar in complexity to the intermediate A patterns, but will be taught at a slower, thorough pace than Intermediate A.

This course is very helpful with bridging the gap between the Beginner and Intermediate A classes, and we highly recommend it!


Pre-requisite: Beginner I Salsa, Beginner II Salsa, and Intro. to Intermediate A Salsa (or, can be taken simultaneously with Intro. to Intermediate A Salsa)
Duration: Ongoing (Six Month Curriculum – Offered three times/week!)
Instructors: Julie, Shauna, Keila, Rob, and Wes

For students who have attended Salsa Classes for at least 6 months, add more moves to your arsenal! This course follows a six month syllabus and every four weeks focuses on a particular these, such as “Inside Turns or Copas.”

You will learn a new pattern for the first three weeks of a particular theme and review all three patterns on the fourth week. You’ll learn more intricate foot-work and exciting moves such as the “doorknob” and “Philly Favorite”, plus moves like a “Fishtail” and “Apache Whip!” If you attend Intermediate A more than once per week, you will advance through the six month curriculum faster, since each Intermediate A class is working from a  different place on the syllabus.

Take your Salsa education to the next level!



Please note: Students are more than welcome to come to Intermediate A multiple times a week and learn something new each time; each Intermediate A class is working on a different part of the syllabus, so if you’d like to tackle more moves and more patterns in a concentrated period of time, come to class twice or three times per week: Sundays @ 5:15p.m., Mondays @ 7:30p.m., & Wednesdays @ 8:30p.m.


Pre-requisite: Intermediate A Salsa
Duration: Ongoing
Instructor: Julie Berger

For students who have studied Salsa at least a year, add more polish to your technique and patterns! Focus on more intricate foot-work and styling, 360‘s, multiple spins, and pattern combinations that will make head turns to you when you step foot onto the dance floor! When you master the moves in Intermediate B salsa classes, you will be viewed as an excellent dancer by your friends and family.


Pre-requisite: Succesful completion of at least Beginner I and II Salsa
Duration: 6 weeks, Sundays at 6:30p.m. 2/12 – 3/19/17
Instructor: Keila Perez-Vega

This class is catered to intermediate and advanced dancers who are seeking to revisit and strengthen their foundation in order to be more successful in executing advanced patterns and concepts in social dancing. The class will focus on body and foot placement, hand connection and techniques for lead and follow. Through repetition, dancers will work on isolations, turns, and patterns that will reinforce these concepts that will translate in both Salsa and Bachata.


Pre-requisite: None
Duration: Next Dates TBD
Instructor: Shauna Belizéando

To do a salsa shine is to dance independently for a portion of time during a partnered Salsa dance. The leader will let go of the follow’s hands and both people must them do a salsa solo. Many people find it difficult to improvise and create dynamic beautiful shines on the spot, which is why we are taking the guess work out of the process! Join Shauna for eight weeks and learn pre-choreographed Salsa shines! Our new and improved Salsa Shines syllabus will make it easy for you to come week after week and learn several different shines will will be stuck in your permanent memory! After completion of this course, both leaders and followers will be ready to shine with confidence at any time! Professional Salsa performer Shauna will help you with spins, hand movement and overall grace as an added benefit!



Pre-requisite: None

Currently offered via private lessons!

Salsa shines and spinning are integral components of Salsa dancing that add flare and style to your dancing! A Salsa “shine”  provides the opportunity to have moments independent of your partner to have both fancy syncopations in footwork and to perform solo spins. You will learn proper technique for solo spins, including spotting and how to take your spins and turns to the next level, consistently every time. Class will introduce brand new, easy- to-learn shine footwork and will also cover Latin body movements/ isolations along with optional arm styling for the ladies. The course will definitely build your confidence in interpreting salsa musicality, and will give you the skills to create your own unique colorful movements both solo and within your turn pattern partnerwork too. No partner is needed! Open to both men and ladies. Just bring yourself, willingness to learn, and a smile!


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Please note: most students need to practice at least a couple of hours outside of class each week to get their moves and patterns polished performance ready!



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