Classes, Private Lessons, Drop-Ins

Q: Can I join a class at any time, or do I need to wait for a specific start date?

A: Drop-ins are always welcome and you can join a class at any time. When you are a Salsa beginner, it’s more beneficial to start week one, but if the instructor thinks you can catch up, or if you take private lessons to catch up, you may join! Most of our other classes are ongoing, so you can start any week you’d like.

Please note: Even if dropping-in, we HIGHLY recommend making a class reservation to reserve a spot. There is a max of ~20 students per class.

Q: What is the difference between group classes and private lessons?

A: Private lessons offer more flexibility regarding scheduling as well as complete individualized attention. Group classes are held at a set time each week and move at a generally pre-established pace. Private lessons are geared toward your individual dance needs, and move at your pace. Group lessons are about $20/lesson and private lessons are $60-$75/hour.

Q: How many people are in group classes?

A: We limit class sizes to twenty students to ensure that each student receives the amount of attention he/she needs from the instructor as well as having plenty of room to move.







Q: Are group classes sold individually or am I obligated to purchase a membership?

A: We encourage students to purchase a membership to get the discounted rates and reserve a spot in the class(es) he/she may want to attend, but if the student is ready for the material which is being taught, he/she may attend a class and pay the drop-in rate of $14 (Zumba) or $18 (Dance) respectively.

Q: Do I need to pre-reserve my spot in a dance class, or can I just show up?

A: Drop/Walk-in at your own risk! Drop-ins or walk-ins are always welcome to attend as long as a class is not full or sold-out. There is usually room for drop-ins in most of our classes, but we recommend reserving your spot. You can do this on our online store, at the desk at the studio, or over the phone.

You do need to pre-pay for your class in order to complete your reservation. You may cancel your reservation prior to 24 hours before the class and you will not be charged for the class. However, if you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of the class, you will be charged for that held spot in the class.