Class packages and Expiration Dates

Q: What is a Class Package and what are the benefits?

A: All class packages are valid for six-months, but we offer rollover classes if you buy a new package within a month after the last one’s expiration date. Prices for class packages are lower  than purchasing classes a la carte. Once you’ve purchased a package, you can get free classes by participating in our Refer-a-Friend program! Also, if you enroll in auto-renew, you will save $10 on your next package!

Q: Once I purchase a Class Package, when does it become active?

Once you purchase a class package, you will have the duration of the package (six months) to activate it. If you do not start your classes within its duration, it will become void. Your class package duration will begin when you take your first class and be active for the duration of the membership from that day forward. Group dance class and fitness packages are valid for six months from activation date.

Q: How often can I attend classes, and if I repeat the same lesson twice in the same week, does that count as two classes?

A: As long as you have a package, you can attend classes as often as you’d like. You can use up the classes in your account as quickly as you’d like because you can always buy more if you run out. However, there are no refunds and missed classes will only be rolled over beyond the expiration date of your membership with the purchase of a new package.

Q: What happens if I cannot use all my classes within the six month time period? Is there any way to get an extension?

A: To be fair and consistent with all of our students, unfortunately, we cannot extend some people’s expiration dates and not others. However, there are two different options in place, so that you do not lose your classes/credit:

Option 1: We offer rollover classes! You have a month beyond your package’s expiration date to get a new one. When you do so, please let us know and we will add the unused classes from the previous package to the new one. You will then have six months from the purchase date to activate your new package by using the first class. Once you use the first class and activate your package, you will then have six months from that date to use all the classes up.

Option 2: We can convert your initial purchase to a credit in your Salsa in the Suburbs account, and then deduct the drop-in rate for the classes you did attend. The amount left will become a credit in your Salsa in the Suburbs account indefinitely, which you can later use towards more drop-in classes or a new package when you’re ready to come back again regularly.