Partners & Clothing

Q: Do I need a partner for dance classes?

A: Nope! Every student is strongly encouraged to rotate in group classes and dance with all the other students. This helps your dancing tremendously and builds a sense of teamwork within the class. For private lessons for one student, the instructor serves as the student’s partner.

Special Note: Advanced students often attend beginner classes. This is unique to our school, and helps beginner students learn faster!

Q: What should I wear?

A: For SALSA and BALLROOM classes, students are encouraged to wear whatever they feel comfortable dancing in. Specific workout clothes or dance clothes are not needed. Jeans and a t-shirt to business casual attire are all acceptable!

A. For ZUMBA: students are to wear workout clothes and sneakers.

A. For BELLYDANCE, students are to wear workout clothes, preferable form-fitting, and may bring a coin belt or hip scarf if you’d like! You will dance barefoot, or may wear sneakers or jazz shoes if you’d like.







Q: What about shoes?

A: For SALSA and BALLROOM classes, comfort is the key. Ladies are encouraged to wear a small heel (a non-flip-flop), but can also dance in flats if that would be more comfortable. Gentlemen should avoid sneakers or any other shoe with a rubber sole. A dress shoe or something with a smooth sole is recommended. If you would like to make a small investment, a ballroom shoe is ideal for both ladies and men, and some are available for purchase at the dance studio. Ballroom shoes are usually classified by having a suede sole which helps with executing spins.

A: For ZUMBA: sneakers.

Q: If I put a deposit on dance merchandise (shoes, etc.), how long will you hold them for?

A: We understand that purchasing dance/ballroom shoes is an investment and that payment cannot always be completed 100% at the time of transaction. If you put 20% down, we will hold the merchandise for you for 30 days. However, if after 30 days, payment still has not be completed, the merchandise will be returned to the FOR SALE table and your deposit will be forfeited.