Staff Spotlight: Linda Pang, Not Just the Pretty Face Behind the Desk

Julie Berger was planning a trip to France during the summer of 2009, and she needed someone who could teach her dance classes and run the studio. It wasn’t long before Linda Pang’s name came to mind.

-QANBUaT-X9CCb3kwDOqMyEnRb3vXoA3le-L5_uVR0ITo many people, Linda is the friendly face behind the desk. She’s very busy, greeting regular students and inducting new customers, explaining class descriptions and schedules, taking payments and answering calls.

But she is more than just a pretty face behind the desk. She is the stage manager who sets the scene for a smooth experience. “Ever since she started helping out, Linda has gradually learned almost ALL the aspects of running the business,” Julie says with pride. “She even teaches me things. I had no idea just how smart she was.”

Julie says Linda’s attention-to-detail, as well as her creativity and wonderful ideas, have helped contribute to the studio’s success and growth. “No matter what challenge comes her way, she always rises to the occasion and delivers a top-notch experience.”

Linda says the job is challenging and the pace hectic. Sometimes, there’s little down-time and multiple tasks must be handled simultaneously…

“Usually, I’m trying to be five people at once,” Linda says with a laugh.

But she says she can accomplish work quickly and efficiently by anticipating problems and brainstorming potential solutions. In the course of her shift, Linda is greeter, sales representative, and event planner for studio sponsored events. She also handles marketing and social media. She updates the studio’s website regularly; handles ticketing, and creates and distributes promotional material.

And it may be a surprise for some: Linda is also a Salsa instructor.

Linda, who teaches Beginner I and II Salsa, says it’s not uncommon for people to tell her: “I didn’t even know you danced.”

Linda first came to the studio because of her passion for dance. She was the only female student to challenge herself to learn the traditional male role of “leading” for a Salsa Performance.

Linda has been a familiar face at the studio for more than three years and Julie says that many students have given Linda rave reviews. “Linda is talented, effervescent, professional, and motivating,” Jason Connor, one of her students said, after having completed her Beginner II Salsa course.

By understanding the footwork and technique for “leaders” and “followers,” she says she can teach “finesse,” or subtle signals that increase communication between partners on the dance floor. “I can show it better, having been on both sides,” she says.

linda_dancingJulie wants the whole salsa community to know just how grateful she is for Linda’s hard work over these year past few years, “I cannot believe how lucky I was to find her. I’ve heard that the best business people hire people smarter than themselves, and finding and keeping Linda on board for so long, has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She has worked by my side for hours late into the night, attended every single special event, and really has based her life around the demanding schedule of the company. She has worked as hard as any partner would, and has made a huge contribution. I hope she will continue to prosper with Salsa in the Suburbs, or wherever she may go.”

–Written by Wilford Shamlin III








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